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You, your partners, and the employees in your organization have undoubtedly worked hard to expand your business into the success it is today. 


As an effective leader, you understand that employees play a significant role in this evolution and are keenly aware that productive employees are one of the most valuable assets in an organization. 


As a pragmatic leader you are also aware that it is challenging to identify, manage and retain talented staff when your energy ought to be focused on the service or product your organization provides.


Our knowledgeable HR professionals take the burden of staying abreast of the employment laws and tasks that go along with having staff.  Our team members have experience working within many industries including: law, publishing, basic biomedical research, franchising, hedge fund, medical implant, and many others. 


Each HR professional has worked extensively with employees on small as well as large scales and can assist you and your company with the needs of your employees.


Working Gears works with your mission, vision, and values in supporting your business by providing outsourced human resources services including compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws recruiting, training, employee relations, handbooks, benefits, compensation, record retention, and implementation of processes.


Working Gears provides the opportunity for small to mid size organizations to work with a human resources professional without the cost of a full time salary or benefits, or of hiring another employee.

Shift Into Gear With HR Solutions

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